Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Union County Hardwood Floor Installation Tips

The experts at ABC Flooring Inc have been the authority on hardwood floor installation in Union County, and we want to help our customers take great care of this valuable and beautiful investment to their homes. Caring for hardwood floors is different from vacuuming your carpets or cleaning your dishes, because wood is a very unique material to work with. While wood is extremely strong and durable, it can be sensitive to light, chemicals and abuse. The following tips will help you make sure that your hardwood floor installation in Union County has given you the floor of a lifetime.

Protecting your Floor:

Do not place mats or rugs on your floor until two weeks after you have had your hardwood floor installed. After two weeks have passed, place rugs and mats in front of sinks, refrigerators and heavy traffic areas. The idea of this is to trap grit and absorb moisture.

Place pads or rugs underneath chairs and furniture to stop scratches from being inflicted.
Avoid walking on the floor in high heels.

Periodically recoat your floor when the original finish is worn down, but do not wait until you are all the way down to the bare wood. The floor might also require sanding at this point.

Some cleaners and polish damage the finish of your floor. Silicon, wax and pine-based cleaners will damage your wood and leave you with a huge problem. These cleaners can make the floor more difficult to clean.
Dust mop or vacuum the floor regularly.

Stubborn stains might require a damp cloth for the best results, but never saturate your floor. Water will discolor and damage your floor.

Using these tips, you can enjoy the benefits that a wood floor can bring to your home. If you want to learn more about cleaning hardwood floors, contact an expert at ABC Flooring Inc and we will answer all of your questions about hardwood floor installation in Union County.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

A Guide to Wood Floor Installations in Union NJ

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Hardwood floors have become very popular recently. They not only give your home or business a more classic feel, but will also increase its value. They are much easier to clean than carpet but require other forms of maintenance.

In order to keep your hardwood floors scratch-free and shiny, they must be professionally sanded and refinished from time to time. If you are looking for a professional wood flooring company to install a hardwood floor or to perform any cleaning or restoration services, here are some of the things that should go into the wood floor installations in Union NJ:

Sanding. Sanding technology has greatly improved throughout recent years. At one time, the sanding process was long and messy, leaving sawdust all over only to spend more time cleaning it up. Now, any respectable company will use dust containment systems. This will eliminate any airborne dust particles and greatly reduce cleanup time.

Refinishing. Refinishing is a way to protect your hardwood floors by applying a protective layer of wood finish. A good company will use water base polyurethane that meets all of the federal clean air quality standards. They create non-toxic fumes and dry within two hours. This is the most durable finish that you can use and is fast curing. Within a day, 90% the finish will be cured.

Experts advise that you get your hardwood floors sanded and refinished from time to time not only to improve aesthetically, but also increase the longevity of your floors. There are some other things that you can do yourself to help keep your floors in top shape. Here are some tips to maintaining hardwood:

  • Wait at least two weeks after applying finish to use any cleaner on your floors.
  • Place rugs or mats on any high traffic areas. This can be places such as doorways and especially in front of sinks where water or food has a tendency to spill. 
  • Put pads under table legs, chairs and other furniture that might leave scratches.
  • Never use cleaners that are wax-, silicone-, or pine-based on hardwood flooring.
  • Use a dust mop or bristle head vacuum to clean dirt.
  • Immediately wipe up any spills with a cloth. Follow that up with the recommended cleaning product.
  • Try not to walk on the floor in high heels.

When the wood begins to show signs of wear, contact a professional to recoat it with the original finish. Make sure to do this before it is worn down to bare wood. If you would like more information on Union NJ wood floor installations, contact ABC Flooring Inc.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Floor Refinishing in Union County NJ

Owning a hardwood floor can be luxurious, but it can also be a lot of work. No matter how hard that you try, your hardwood will eventually accumulate scuffs and scratches. ABC Flooring Inc is a fully insured hardwood flooring contractor in Union County NJ that was established in 1995 that performs several types of floor refinishing in Union County NJ, including floor sanding in NJ, floor installation in Union County NJ, floor refinishing in Union County NJ and floor repair in Union County NJ. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are skilled to perform quickly without causing any damages.

While Union County NJ floor refinishing will be required from time to time:

  • There are a few things that you can do to keep your floor shining for as long as possible. 
  • Be sure to clean up any spills immediately. Vacuum or sweep at least once a week and place an area rug on spot that has high traffic or high volume of spills. 
  • Make sure that any area rugs is made out of breathable materials. If moisture or condensation gets caught underneath the rug, it could damage the floor.
  • Trim the nails of your pets and put down area rugs or door mats to reduce dirt levels.
  • Try to limit the amount of direct sunlight that your floor can get. This can bleach your floor and take out some of the luster.
  • Never clean with amonia-based cleaners, bleach soaps, acidic cleaners such as vinegar. 

If you would like any more information on any of floor refinishing in Union County NJ services that we provide, call ABC Flooring Inc at 908-370-4334.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Union County Wood Floor Contractors

It is crucial to the look and feel of your floors that you have the right saw blade for cutting hardwood floors. Most wood floor contractors in Union County know this, but here is something to help you out: Using the wrong blade can leave your floors damaged or splintered. The type of wood determines the type and amount of teeth that your blade needs. Here are some types of blades:
  • The All-Purpose Blade – These blades do a little of everything. They normally have about 40 teeth and are usually inexpensive. However they are more likely to warp.
  • The Cut-Off Blade – Just as the name implies, this blade is best suited for quick rough cuts. Its teeth feature a 10 degree hook, making it perfect for fast cutting thick plywood.
  • The Plywood Blade – This blade is very popular and featuring 100+ fine teeth. This will give you a softer edge, but the amount of teeth will slow down your cutting time. This type of blade is suited for moldings and engineered floors.
  • The Combination Blade – This blade is able to cut a variety of materials very quickly and smoothly. This blade causes a minimal amount of splintering because of its 80-100 teeth. This is recommended for laminates, hard exotic woods and miter cuts.
There are three materials a blade can be made of: Steel blades are the most inexpensive and work well for softwoods, but they dull very quickly. High-speed steel is harder and stays sharper longer. Carbide-tipped blades are more expensive but they last much longer and can be sharpened.

Professional wood floor contractors in Union County know the amount of precision that is needed to ensure that your floors look great. ABC Flooring Inc is the professional Union County wood floor contractors that you are looking for. We make safety a priority when doing any hardwood flooring job. Our team of wood floor contractors in Union County are dedicated to providing you with efficient, high quality hardwood floors. If you're looking for wood floor contractors in Union County, contact ABC Flooring Inc. at 908-370-4334 to speak with one of our flooring experts today.

Wood Floor Repair in Union County NJ

Wood floors make any room look great. They give a room a natural beauty and create the feeling of warmth. Wood floors will last a lifetime with proper care. Your floors look great, and following these tips will ensure that, they stay that way:
  • Don't use common “all purpose” cleaners – Regular household cleaning products will cause permanent damage. You should only use products that are hardwood specific.
  • Don't mop the floors – A wet rag to clean up spills is fine, but using a bucket and mop will cause the wood to warp.
  • Vacuum instead of sweeping – A vacuum will pull the dirt from the crevices in the floors. Don't use a beater bar. This will cause major damage to your floors.
  • Protect them from the sun – Installing sheer curtains in a room with hardwood floors will prevent the UV rays from discoloring the wood.

These tips will help you maintain your wood floors and their appearance. For more serious problems, it is important that you find professional wood floor repair in Union County NJ. The most common Untion County NJ wood floor repairs are boards that are split, cracked, buckling, cupped and gapped. Trying to repair any of these on your own may lead to serious unrepairable damage. It is important that you contact a professional company that specializes in wood floor repair in Union County NJ. At ABC Flooring Inc, we hire experienced professionals who put as much care into their work as you put in your home. If your home is in need of wood floor repair in Union County NJ call ABC Flooring Inc at – 908-370-4334 we are here to help.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wood Floor Sanding in Union County

ABC Flooring Inc. is dedicated to improving your hardwood floors. Our goal is to install, repair and maintain hardwood floors so that it keeps your home beautiful and your family healthy. Hardwood flooring is always the best choice because of the decrease in dust mites and germs that get stuck in normal carpeting. Our Union County wood floor sanding service ensures that your floors will be properly taken care of so that they will look as if they were installed yesterday.

Whenever your floors begin to look dull and worn out, it is best to have them sanded. Overall, Union County wood floor sanding involves ABC Flooring professionals to strip the top surface of your floors. By doing this, we can access the under-layer of raw wood and decide if it needs any reparations. With the top layer gone, we can then apply a new finishing to your floors so that they look as good as new. Once our flooring professionals are done in your home, you'll be reminded of how your floors looked on the first day they were installed.

Wood floor sanding for Union County can get messy. However, we understand that you should not have to deal with our mess. ABC Flooring Inc. guarantees that we will leave your home exactly how we entered it. Our flooring professionals are trained to contain the dust that is created from the sanding process. The last thing we want is sand escaping and getting you and your family sick. This is why we use the safest techniques when treating your floors.

For more information ABC Flooring Inc.'s Union County wood floor sanding, call us today at (201) 869- 3999. Leave your floors in the right hands.