Friday, July 25, 2014

Wood Flooring in NJ

Installing, refinishing or repairing your wood flooring in NJ is excellent way to update your home, office or other space with flooring that is durable, strong and aesthetically appealing. For almost a decade, ABC Flooring has been providing customers with beautiful wood floor designs. Through a variety of floor services including sanding, installation, refinishing and repair, ABC Flooring is able to bring to life any vision you may have for your home or a commercial space. Because safety is a major priority, ABC Flooring takes pride in utilizing the proper measures to ensure that our process runs smoothly, leaving our clients with a perfected wood floor.

If you have decided it is time to update your floors, ABC Flooring has your solution. Our lightning-fast installation of wood flooring in NJ will have your home looking renewed. If you already have hardwood floors but they are split, buckling or in need of having scratches and marks removed, we have all of the technology to solve any hardwood floor maintenance problems as well.

Our licensed and fully insured company of flooring professionals specialize in improving the look of your wood flooring in NJ through the use of their expert knowledge and experience. ABC Flooring works to provide all customers with affordable services and a product that is built to last.

For more information about our services for wood flooring in NJ, contact ABC Flooring at 908-370-4334 today!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wood Flooring Contractor in NJ

If you are looking for a wood flooring contractor in NJ, ABC Flooring has the resources and expertise to assist you. ABC Flooring is a reliable, licensed, and fully-insured hardwood flooring company in NJ that installs long-lasting, high-quality wood flooring. We specialize in wood floor sanding, wood floor refinishing and wood floor repairs to help maintain the same polished and smooth look from the first day your new floors are installed.

Our professional wood flooring contractors in NJ use wood floor sanding and wood floor refinishing to bring your wooden floors back to life and even make your home feel new again. Wood floor sanding requires our wood flooring contractors to sand off a thin layer of your hardwood floor to reveal beautiful, long-lasting wood flooring. The smooth appearance left by wood floor sanding will decrease the amount of time required to clean and help maintain the wood flooring. Our experts also provide wood floor refinishing to seal and lock in the wood flooring color you desire. Our top-quality finishing coat completes the wood floor refinishing with a glossy or matte coating of your choice.

Improve the appearance of your hardwood floors and watch our experienced wood flooring contractors in NJ make your damaged hardwood floors disappear. Turn split, cracked, buckling, cupped and gapped wood floors into an even, problem-free surface. Wood floor repairs improve both the safety and quality of your home for a complete and finished look.

Hardwood flooring is an aesthetically appealing addition to both your home and office. For more information about our services or to talk to one of our wood flooring contractors in NJ, call ABC Flooring at 908-370-4334. Ask about your free wood floor estimate today!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hardwood Floors in Westfield, NJ

Are you looking for hardwood floors in Westfield, NJ? Since 1995, ABC Floors Inc. has been providing hardwood floor installations in Westfield, NJ for customers who are looking for a way to update their homes or offices. At ABC Floors Inc., our wood floor professionals offer exceptional installation and maintenance services to ensure that your brand new hardwood floors last for years to come.

At ABC Floors Inc., our professionals always take the proper precautions when installing hardwood floors in Westfield, NJ. When the hardwood floors are installed, our cleanup process is simple and quick. We utilize the latest dustless floor installation technology on our jobs, which will help keep your home spotless when we are finished with the installation.

When you choose ABC Floors Inc., we will work quickly and efficiently to provide you with any hardwood floor services you may require. From a new installation to revamping your wood floors to make them look brand new again, our professionals do it all. In addition to installing hardwood floors in Westfield, NJ, our we also offer the following services:

For more information about installing hardwood floors in Westfield, NJ, contact ABC Floors Inc. for more information at 908-370-4334 today!