Thursday, August 28, 2014

Floor Sanding in Union County, NJ

If you are looking for floor sanding in Union County, NJ, ABC Flooring Inc. has the technology and expertise to make your home look beautiful. At ABC Flooring, we provide a wide variety of services and specialize in floor repairs, sanding, refinishing and installation. Safety is our priority, and we always take the necessary measures to ensure that nothing is harmed during the sanding process.

At ABC Flooring Inc., we have a commitment to keeping your hardwood floors in the best possible condition. A key aspect of maintaining hardwood floors is an efficient sanding service. If your floors are beginning to look dull and worn out, at ABC Flooring Inc. we can revamp and improve your floors quickly and professionally. Our services for floor sanding in Union County, NJ will guarantee that your hardwood floors maintain a stunning and smooth appearance for many years.

Our floor sanding in Union County, NJ involves removing the top surface of your floors to access the lower layers of the raw wood. By doing this, our floor sanding professionals can add a new finish to your floors that will give them a like-new appearance. In addition, our sanding experts always contain any dust that is generated from the sanding process to make sure that your home is left looking spotless.

For more information about floor sanding in Union County, NJ, call ABC Flooring Inc. at 908-370-4334 today!