Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ

Does your wood floor have surface level scratches and other marks? ABC Flooring Inc. provides wood floor sanding in Bergen County, NJ to get your blemished hard wood floor looking brand new again, thanks to our professional sanding and refinishing technique

The sanding process involves our professionals removing the damaged surface of your floors. By removing the top layer, we can access the lower layers of the raw wood, which makes repair much simpler when needed. With the new surface our professionals  now have the opportunity to give your wood floor a brand-new finish. Once our technicians complete our Bergen County NJ floor sanding services, the appearance of your floors will remind you of the way they looked on the day they were installed.

ABC Flooring Inc. uses only top of the line equipment and trusted techniques to ensure our work exceeds your expectations. If you'd like more information on wood floor sanding in Bergen County, NJ, be sure to call ABC Flooring Inc. today at 908-370-4334.