Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wood Floor Installation in NJ

Are you moving into a new home or updating, and interested in wood floor installation in NJ? Our professional and expertly-trained installers have provided many NJ homeowners with beautiful wood floors that dazzle without requiring much maintenance. Our team is ready to add a perfect addition to your home with wood floor installation in NJ. With our level of expertise, attention to detail, and knowledge of various types of wood, we'll be sure to provide your home with a wood floor that will leave you very satisfied.

Many are choosing wood floor installation in NJ because of the benefits it brings with resale value. Other than property value, a well-kept wood floor is easy to achieve while adding a high-quality look to your home. Unlike carpeting that must be washed and cared for regularly to ensure a long lifespan, hardwood floors require little more than a sweep or quick mopping. Carpeting, as well, retains so much dirt and dust from outside - sometimes collecting allergens that can be harmful to the health of loved ones. Wood floor installation in NJ relieves you of these issues, as wood floor does not accumulate  debris.

When you choose wood floor installation in NJ, you choose a long-term investment that immediately adds benefits to you and your home. Its timelessness means that you never have to worry about your wood floor going out of style, and wood floor installation in NJ can preserve your floors without need of re-installing for generations.

ABC Flooring prides itself with wood floor installation in NJ while providing other floor services including:

For more information regarding wood floor installation in NJ or any of our other services, please contact ABC Flooring today at (201) 869-3999.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hardwood Floor Restoration in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County, NJ? ABC Flooring is here to help you bring your floor back to the past! Our hardwood flooring experts can fully restore your old hardwood floors to look as good as they did the day you had them installed. Let us work our magic on your floor!

For over a decade, the hardwood restoration gurus at ABC Flooring have been providing homeowners and business owners of Bergen County, NJ with affordable and reliable hardwood floor care services. Our magical hardwood restoration techniques including a delicate sanding of the first layer of the floor to buff out scratches and nicks, while revealing the unblemished layer underneath. We know exactly how deep to go without going too deep into the layers of the floor, to ensure you get a brand new smooth look without damaging your long-term investment.

We provide Hardwood Floor Restoration in Bergen County, NJ to all towns, including:

At ABC Flooring, floors are our business and our livelihood. We know hardwood floor care like the back of our hand! Our expert hardwood flooring specialists know the ins and outs of hardwood floor refinishing, restoration, repair and other services. We even install brand new hardwood floors in homes and offices to enhance the beauty of any room. You can count on us to provide the high quality hard wood flooring services in Bergen County, NJ that you deserve.

A newly restored hardwood floor will instill a long-lost sense of pride into your heart for your beautiful hardwood floor. Let us help you restore your hardwood floor back to its original luster! If you are interested in hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County, NJ, contact ABC Flooring today at 201-869-3999. We look forward to helping you.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Refinishing Hardwood Staircases in Bergen County, New Jersey

Refinishing hardwood staircases in Bergen County can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if carpet was installed on the staircase prior to renovation. The hardwood refinishing process relies on patience, expertise, and knowledge of hardwood and sanding processes. Fortunately ABC Flooring has all 3, beautifully refinishing hardwood staircases in Bergen County without a mess or hassles.

Refinishing Problems

Many people try refinishing hardwood staircases, but we recommend calling our experts to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. Problems can occur when refinishing hardwood staircases in Bergen County yourself, and can wind up costing you more money to repair the problems and refinish the staircase. When using a bad sanding belt machine on hardwood, streaks can show up on your staircase or embed nail markings into the hardwood--leaving your staircase looking older than it had before the refinishing job. When incorrect sandpaper or motions are used on edges of your hardwood staircase, your stairs could end up with a noticeable swirl pattern. Without a vacuum, or when missing debris during vacuuming, tiny specks can wind up mixed in with the stain finish.

Getting the Job Done Properly

The best way to navigate away from these problems is to have our experts come in, assess your staircase, and provide the best tools and methods for refinishing hardwood staircases in Bergen County. With the experience, attention to detail, and correct approach, refinishing hardwood staircases in Bergen County can be done quickly and painlessly, giving you the refinished staircase you imagined without sacrificing time or worry to make sure problems don't occur.

For more information on refinishing hardwood staircases in Bergen County with our staircase refinishing services, contact our experts from ABC Flooring at 908.370.4334 today!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bergen County, NJ

Are you in need of hardwood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ? At ABC Flooring we have what it takes to deliver the very best in a wide array of flooring services. From floor installation and repair to floor sanding and refinishing, we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to taking your floors to the next level. If you want your home to look its best, you need to keep your floors clean, polished, even and presentable. We can provide you with a way to meet all of those qualifications and so much more!

We Provide Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ to All Towns, Including:

There are many benefits to hardwood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ. You want to be sure that you get as many years out of your hardwood flooring as possible, and this type of maintenance allows you to make the most out of your investment. Floor refinishing is the natural step to take after having your floors sanded. By refinishing your floors after they have been sanded, you will be able to increase the value of your property exponentially. By having control over your floor maintenance, you can also avoid costly repairs and even replacements down the road.

Let us help you refinish your floors! If you are in need of hardwood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ, contact ABC Flooring today at 201-869-3999. We look forward to helping you.