Thursday, October 29, 2015

Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ

So you’re refinishing your floors and wondering about floor sanding in Bergen County NJ. There are numerous benefits to a newly finished floor. Your home is important, and that holds true right down to the surface you walk on. Instead of replacing the existing surface, bring it new life. At ABC Flooring, wood floor sanding is our specialty. We have years of experience updating homes for our customers, giving your hardwood floors an updated look that creates a more clean, refreshing appearance in your floor and home. Our professional wood floor sanders utilize industry standard equipment and are committed to your satisfaction. For your consideration, we’ve assembled our top three reasons you should consider wood floor sanding in Bergen County NJ in place of replacement.

You Don’t Like the Look

Let’s face it, not all floors are works of art. Maybe you moved into the home and found the floor in its present condition. Maybe you had a spur of the moment design inspiration and the moment wore off. Or maybe the floor is simply worn out and faded because of time. No matter the reason, if you’re unsatisfied with your floor’s present state, you’re not stuck. Have us perform our affordable floor sanding in Bergen County NJ. We’ll get all of the scratches out and make the floor look brand new.

Reinstallation Takes Too Long

So you want a new floor, and you want it soon. Then don’t even think about having it completely reinstalled. When you refinish the floor, you can create it in your vision. And it won’t take the weeks that a complete replacement will cost you. Quick and painless, floor sanding in Bergen County NJ will be done in only a few days.

Don’t Pause Your Life

In line with the time sensitivity mentioned above, you need your floor to walk on. Having the entire surface reinstalled can take a long time. And in that time, your home will be a constant work-site. You won’t be able to move around freely, and many things will be put on pause. Don’t let this happen to you. We know how important your daily routine is, and we don’t want to disrupt it with our professional floor sanding in Bergen County NJ.

We are passionate about updating homes in Bergen County with floor sanding methods that leave your floor shining and restored for years to come. For more information about our expert floor sanding in Bergen County NJ, call the professionals at ABC Flooring today at (201) 869-3999.

We are proud to perform our exceptional floor sanding to Bergen County NJ, including:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hardwood Floor Restoration in Bergen County, NJ

With the holiday season quickly upon us, updating your home with hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County NJ is a great way to dazzle guests and brighten your home. For over 20 years, ABC Flooring Inc. has provided Bergen County NJ with excellent and efficient service at affordable prices. Our dedicated team can promptly have your hardwood floor looking great. Let hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County NJ be an early holiday gift to yourself – you and your home deserve it!

Your hardwood floor puts up with a lot of things over the years. From cracks to scuffs, from dirt buildup to stains from spills, your hardwood floor ages and becomes dull from everyday wear-and-tear and occasional accidents. With our professional hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County NJ, we can revive the natural look of your hardwood floor, remove cracks, and restore its shine. Your rejuvenated floor will be the highlight of your home with our expert methods and up-to-date equipment. We are committed to your satisfaction, and pride ourselves with our dedication to your home and happiness.

Hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County NJ is necessary to keep your floor looking great for years to come. Not only will your floors look fresh, but the restored shine will add natural light to your home from reflecting sunlight. We work efficiently to make sure that you can begin enjoying your hardwood floor as soon as possible, and our techniques provide your hardwood floor with an updated look sure to bring compliments. After restoration, you’ll notice how easy maintenance is, as dirt and debris no longer get trapped in cracks and a simple sweep can tidy up your floor.

We are not limited to providing the following towns with hardwood floor restoration in Bergen County NJ:

Let us provide you this holiday season with the gift of hardwood floorrestoration in Bergen County NJ. ABC Flooring Inc.’s methods, dedication, and years as trusted hardwood experts can restore your hardwood floors efficiently and affordably.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ

With dents, scuffs, and scratches in your hardwood, you’ll need floor sanding in Bergen County NJ to restore your floor’s quality and appearance. For over 20 years ABC Flooring has provided dazzling floors to NJ residents. Our expert methods, attentive care, and prompt services will leave your floors looking shiny and beautiful. With floor sanding in Bergen County NJ, your updated hardwood floor will be ready for holiday get-togethers and celebrations.

Choosing floor sanding in Bergen County NJ is great for your floors and the environment. When you experience rot, discoloration, stains, or scratches, you can simply choose to sand your floors to give them an up-to-date look over replacing your existing hardwood. Reusing your hardwood instead of opting for replacement is a sound choice for the environment, an excellent recycling method, and saves trees from premature removal.

Floor sanding in Bergen County NJ is necessary to keep your hardwood looking fresh. With a sanded wood floor, light will reflect better off the floor, filling your room with more light to highlight your floor’s updated appearance. Without it, your wood panels will begin to appear dull and worn from normal wear and tear. Our prompt methods secure the look of your hardwood for years to come, our expert professionals providing the care your floors deserve.

After we have completed your floor sanding in Bergen County NJ, you’ll notice how much easier it is to clean your floors. Without cracks and crevices for debris to get lodged in, your floors won’t require much more than a simple sweeping to clear your room of dirt. Likewise, your hardwood is great for asthma sufferers, as hardwood is much less likely to house dust mites than carpet.

We provide floor sanding in Bergen County NJ, including the following locations:
For more information about what floor sanding in Bergen County NJ can do for your home, call the professionals at ABC Flooring today at (908) 370-4334.

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