Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Floor Sanding in North NJ

Hardwood floors are a beautiful compliment to any home. That is, if they look fresh and new, not worn and dated. Floor sanding in North NJ restores the look of your floor, clearing dents, chips, scuffs, and debris accumulated throughout the years. Many homeowners are opting to attempt to sand and refinish the floor on their own. This is a mistake. Without the years of experience, you are likely to make matters worse. Then you’ll end up calling the professionals anyway. Instead of wasting time and money on your potential trial run failure, let the professionals handle the job with the delicacy and care it deserves. At ABC Flooring we  are dedicated to providing you with floors that shine, making them easier to clean and maintain. An elegant addition to your home, professional floor sanding in North NJ revives your floors while allowing more natural light to reflect off the glistening wood floor boards. We have the equipment, knowledge, and years of experience to have your floors promptly ready for holiday guests and visitors.

Our qualified hardwood floor specialists have seen all types of floors before. Even one exactly like yours, with all of its scratches, dings, and wear. Not only have we seen these floors, we’ve also repaired them. Many times homeowners come to us and ask if we replaced the entire floor. That’s how professional floor sanding in North NJ works.

If you grab the wheels yourself and take to the process as a novice, you’ll hear a similar response. This time, however, instead of only asking if you replace the floors, onlookers will comment that it looked better before. We’ve gotten plenty of calls from regretful folks who told us that they began the process themselves, and realized how big of a mistake that was.

Luckily for them, we’ve seen worse. After a few days in the house, the floors were updated and smiles were returned to the victim’s faces.

We’ll inspect the floor and look for damage or discolored areas. We’ll perform our affordable floor sanding in North NJ promptly, careful to restore damaged and discolored areas. This brings the wood to its bare and rugged state, and ready for a fresh staining. When the cracks are removed and the color is restored, the home takes on a new grace.

We serve residents with prompt wood floor sanding in North NJ. Opting for a complete reinstallation can take you weeks or more. We’ll have you on your way in a matter of days. Call us today and schedule an estimate. Your wood floors are our concern.

For more information about our floor sanding in North NJ service, call ABC Flooring today at (201) 869-3999.